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Changing the World One Adoption At A Time

Batgirl got her name due to her knee condition which makes her hind legs look like a bat. She is in need of surgery to restore her miniature beauty. Click here to learn more and support Batgirl.



The pets on this page have special needs requiring either specialized equipment or medical procedures.  Through this page you can donate directly to their care and help us to cover the extra financial obligation. 

Each of these pets will appreciate any donation you can make toward their care. Click on picture for story.

Mortimer had an operation to fix his tibial tuberosity avulsion he received while playing. He is recovering slowly now but we still need help with the costs of his surgery. 

Click here to learn more and support Mortimer.



Norm came to us as a personal surrender.  He is in desperate need of an ACL Repair/ "knee surgery".  Click here to learn more and support Norm.