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Frankie suffers from a condition called MPS-IV. MPS-VI (aka Mucopolysaccharidosis Type 6), a genetic disorder that inhibits sugar molecules from breaking down in the system affecting the lungs, heart and skeleton and more. Puppies born with MPS-VI rarely survive past the age of 2, and those who survive longer have a wide range of medical issues. Over time, this degenerative disorder can be fatal.

He is currently going to hydro-therapy to increase his strength in his malformed legs and he will need on-going conditioning as he has hip problems, shoulder problems, chest deformities, and arthritis in his malformed spine. We are currently determining a full course of treatment with the help of an organization called MPS Army whose mission is to eradicate MPS-VI in dogs through Awareness, Education and DNA Testing, as well as, to provide support for those dogs affected by MPS-VI.

Please help us to provide Frankie with the care he so desperately deserves, any donation will be greatly appreciated.